About Us

IT’s all about the Experience

And who are we you ask?

Securepoint Technologies is a client-focused IT consulting organization for small to mid-sized businesses. We are headquartered in Nairobi,Kenya. We are committed to providing unmatched customer service, comprehensive network support, and innovative business IT solutions, and are dedicated to ensuring optimum network performance.


Being a quality provider of Information technology solutions, We`re always close to customers, offering them professional expertise, responsive service, informed support and flexible revenue generating Business solutions.


Becoming a global market-driven provider of turn-key integrated solutions in the business of Information Technology solutions access.


We strive and take pride in developing new and better solutions for our customers, based on the valuable experience gathered in many years in the IT industry, following high standards of accountability and efficiency. We believe that enthusiasm for what we do is one of our greatest assets

Our Skills & Expertise

Securepoint Solutions brings together a mix of skills and experience of the corporate market and professional services sector in particular to provide a unique combination of advice and hands-on support to firms who want to make the step change in performance and profits.
The core delivery is structured around business planning and strategy, using our many years of experience in business development planning and delivery combined with adoption.

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Network Infrastructure 0
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Clients & Stories

We build strong relationships with our clients

because understanding their business is at the core of what we do. Our clients have some pretty great things to say about our employees and our technology partnerships with them. We love working with them too.

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Community Engagement

Keeping our communities’ best interests at heart.

We always strive to act with integrity and compassion in support of local not-for-profit organizations while dedicating our IT expertise and resources.

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Securepoint is an innovative and entrepreneurial organization

that values the individuals at our core. We work hard to foster an inspiring, energetic, healthy work environment where our employees are respected, empowered and rewarded for going the extra mile. We’re always looking for good people to join our team. Do you want to be a part of the ‘IT’ team?

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SecurePoint’s Guiding Principles

A better way to do IT.

Over the past twenty years, our 8 Guiding Principles have been embedded throughout SecurePoint, ensuring the same quality and level of service exists. So whether you’re working with procurement, a technician, or a business analyst, you know that the SecurePoint Experience will be felt at all levels of the organization.

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