Say hello to better data storage.

Never again will you worry about making backups

or losing information after your computer crashes.

We’ll keep all your data safe and sound in the cloud.

Picture a storage unit that physically expands and contracts to perfectly fit the amount of data you need to store, saving you money, while ensuring you’ll always have enough room for more data.

Imagine this unit is located within an underground steel building and surrounded by armed guards. We know, we’re getting a bit dramatic, but stay with us.

Now imagine you can somehow access this storage unit anywhere, anytime, without even getting out of your seat.

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Enter Securepoint Atmosphere –
Cloud done right!

Atmosphere is your virtual storage unit that drastically increases the security and accessibility of your data all while ensuring you don’t spend a dime more than you need to.

We partner with brands like Shaw, Lenovo and Nutanix to bring you the best data management options through cloud storage.

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