Is your business safe?

When it comes to online criminal activity,

small to medium-sized businesses are often targeted simply because attackers assume it will be an easy job.

That means your business may be currently sitting on a cybercriminal’s hit list, just waiting to be breached.

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So what does an IT breach look like?

Without the right tools in place, your business is susceptible to loss of sensitive information and corruption of digital systems. These incidents typically result in approximately $60,000 worth of business losses, and in many cases, cause the company to go under.

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We keep your business safe and secure by focusing on three elements:

technology, policy, and people.


Viruses and malware are becoming more sophisticated, and businesses need to be up to date with technology that can fight the complexities of these threats. We implement anti-virus software, anti-malware software, spam filtering, and software that predicts data theft and malware through web filtering.


We help develop policies and processes to ensure that all your business assets are protected. We offer yearly security audits, policy implementation, and strategic management to ensure your processes facilitate a safe and secure business environment.


Surprisingly enough, 80% of data breaches are caused by human error. This means that with a little education, you could eliminate a significant amount of business risk. We offer training sessions and supporting documents to educate staff, making your business less vulnerable.