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Software as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS market has experienced tremendous growth during the past several years, which has accelerated the transition of on-premise hosted applications to web applications that are hosted in the cloud and accessed over the Internet. The growth of the market, combined with sky-high expectations of customers, has introduced new business and technical challenges that SaaS providers must address in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Engage consumers with high performing SaaS applications

Consumers expect fast and engaging web and application experiences on any device. Utilizing the Jacotech Intelligent Platform™ and our proven cloud services can help you overcome the Internet’s inherent performance and security limitations to improve the performance, scalability and reliability of your SaaS applications.

Protect data and defend against attacks

To move faster forward you need to innovate without fear. Unfortunately, web security threats such as DDoS attacks and data breaches represent very real vulnerabilities for SaaS application providers. Jacotech’s highly scalable, always-on Cloud Security Solutions defend against these threats, helping you reduce the risk of network downtime, protect revenue and maintain web application performance during cyber attacks.

Forrester Research Report on SaaS Enablement Tools

Read the Forrester Report “Create a Winning SaaS-Based Digital Ecosystem For The Digital Business Era” to learn about the tools, technologies, and services that can help jump-start your businesses SaaS solution and help sustain it longer term.

Managing Bots for Manufacturers

For many manufacturers, traffic from bots (scrapers, aggregators, and
crawlers) can account for up to 40-60% of their overall website traffic
—from good bots engaged in essential business tasks to bad bots
performing harmful activities. Manufacturers might know how much
of their traffic is from bots, but what they may not know is the impact
those bots may be having on their business.

We’ve tailored our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business

Leading brands across industries trust Jacotech to remove the complexities of connecting with increasingly hyperconnected customers. From complex web performance solutions, to sophisticated web security and streaming video, Jacotech’s content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services can meet the challenges specific to your industry and help drive your business faster forward.

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