An IT experience based on your business goals and unique corporate culture.

We want you to Experience IT™ in a totally new way

Working with SecurePoint means better data security, increased efficiency, greater accountability
and IT management that facilitates business growth.


Managed IT Services

Comprehensive, non-stop IT support to ensure optimum performance.

Because technology environments are rarely identical, we take the time to understand clients’ needs and specialize our level of service delivery to suit specific requirements.


Infrastructure-free, internet-based services to save on hardware and maintenance.

We are proud to offer Securepoint Atmosphere: a leading cloud service eliminating the need for in-house hardware and maintenance while providing unmatched reliability.



Security services focusing on technology, people, and processes.

Protect your infrastructure with Securepoint Secure.

Strategy & Management

A team of senior IT specialists deliver your project on time and on budget.

By providing a tight-knit team to plan, organize and implement projects, this service meets expertise with dedicated performance to drive business objectives forward.



Technology Consulting

Innovative applications to improve business efficiencies.

Application optimization and strategic integration of IT solutions are key to making sure your business and operational requirements are aligned and achieving successful outcomes.

Backup & Business Continuity

Accessible and reliable backup and recovery to reduce costs and corporate risk.

We are pleased to partner with the leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, improving data accessibility, and reducing the cost of downtime.



Services to ensure your company’s access to the best technology products.

By leading technology purchasing and ordering, this IT service meets unmatched expertise with technology partner benefits to drive out costs and enhance efficiency.


Network design and administration to meet unique business requirements.

By analyzing IT environments and developing strategic plans, SecurePoint’s Infrastructure Solutions Group optimizes performance and reduces operating and capital expenses.


Not only do we solve IT issues

We actively propel your business forward.

We’ve put together a team of thinkers and doers to not only quickly solve your worst IT nightmares, but to produce creative systems and solutions that will protect your business from downtime, while actively propelling your business forward.

We’re not just here to solve temporary IT issues. Sure, we can do that, but SecurePoint is all about providing long-term, innovative business solutions that protect resources and increase efficiency.

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